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About our Company

           Profit Products is a manufacturers representative firm that is dedicated to marketing the lines that we represent exclusively through plumbing and heating wholesalers and will only supply those products through wholesalers or other manufacturers representatives. We try to carry a substantial back-up inventory of most of the lines that we represent in our warehouse to back our wholesalers inventories.

           Between them, our owners, Donald Meehan and Dennis Molloy bring almost seventy-five years of experience in bringing hydronic and plumbing products to market through an extensive number of Plumbing and Heating Wholesalers in our marketing area. They are each considered a valuable source of knowledge on almost anything hydronic for our wholesaler customers and their customers.

          Our inside sales staff is also well know to most the wholesalers in our marketing area. Robin and Mary Lou have both been longtime employees and are both very well versed in the lines that we represent. They are both very well liked and respected by our customers. In additional to their extensive knowledge of the product lines that we carry, they are very familiar with the people at the manufacturers that we represent and they use both that knowledge and experience to help our customers every day.

           Assisting Mary Lou and Robin with inside sales is Jeff Howley. Jeff helps out on the phones and is available to take on technical questions relating to circulators, hydronics specialties, boilers, condensate and boiler feed pumping systems, etc.

           Jeff has been with Profit Products for several years. He started out in shipping and receiving and has been our muscle for moving boiler sections and most heavy objects. He assembles our cast iron radiators, installs and removes pumps and controllers from our condensate and boiler feed receivers, etc. Whenever he had a spare moment, Jeff assists with the phones to both help our customers and to gain a better knowledge of our lines.

           We are all here to assist Engineers, Wholesalers, Contractors, or any of their customers in any way that we can.