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Armstrong Pumps

Commercial Pumps
Series 4300 Split Coupled Vertical In-Line
Series 4600 HSC Horizontal Split Case
Series 4270 & 4270 Stock Motor Mounted Pumps
Series 4280 Motor Mounted Pumps
Series 4030 & TD40 Base Mounted Pumps
Series 4360 & 4380 Close Coupled Vertical In-Line
Series 4302 & 4382 Vertical In-Line dualArm Pumps
Series 4700 Vertical MultiStage Pumps
Pump Motors


Fire Pumps
Vertical In-Line & Packages
Vertical In-Line 50 Hz
Horizontal Split Case Diesel
Horizontal Split Case Electric 60 Hz
Horizontal Split Case Electric 50 Hz
End Suction Diesel
End Suction Diesel 60 Hz
End Suction Diesel 50 Hz
Verticle Tubine
Jockey Pumps
Fire Pump Monitoring System
CBVs, FTVs & Suction Guides
Circuit Balancing Valves
Flo-Trex Valves
Suction Guides
Configured Hydronic Hook-Up Kits
Meters and Accessories
IPS 3000
IPS 5000
IPS 9000
IPC 11550
IVS Sensorless Variable Speed Pumps
Practical Solutions
Heat Exchangers
Shell & Tube
Tank Heaters
Air & Expansion Control
Expansion Tanks
Glycol Autofill Units
Vortex Air Separators
Dirt & Air Separators
Legacy Products
Unicon - Condensate Return Units
Vertical Turbine
Submersible Pumps
Circuit Balancing Valves

Hydronic Specialties

HVAC Packages
ARMkool Series 8100: HVAC Chilled Water Packages
ARMPak Series 8200: Packaged Pumping Systems
Chilled Water Integrated Plant Package

Domestic & Waste Water
hydroPAK and quickPAK
Sump & Sewage: Column Pumps
Instantaneous Water Heaters