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Governale Radiator Products

Governale Convectors - Governale Convectors combine sturdiness with high efficiency and quiet performance. Convector elements are constructed to withstand the severest handling at job sites and therefore, suffer no loss of efficiency caused by damaged and distorted fins.
Governale Convector Heating Accessories - A complete line of heating product elements are available including cast iron, steel, and copper/aluminum. Governale also offers a variety of cabinets and a full line of accessories for all of your radiator heating needs.
Governale Victoria Radiators - The design of the Victoria radiator is exceptionally functional, as well as beautiful. The timeless elegance of ornate casting makes this radiator the perfect selection for any style or time period home, whether traditional, modern or historical.

Governale Gov-Free Radiators - Offer updated styling and trim lines. They are available in several standard dimensions and can be assembled with any number of sections. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
Governale Gov-Ray Radiator - Gov-Ray radiators supply a continuous flow of radiant and convected heat. The radiant heat combines with the convected heat to shield outside walls and windows, stopping infiltrating cold air right where it starts. Available with snap-on grilles are recessed for attractive, unobtrusive installation.
Governale Boards - Gov-Board Cast Iron Flat board heaters up to and including 6 lineal feet are shipped in one piece. Longer assemblies are shipped in two or more pieces or sub-assemblies, none of which exceeds 6 lineal feet. Integral cast design offers high efficiency and maximum output.