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Tunstall Steam Products

Tunstall Steam Capsules - Tunstall Steam Capsules are designed to retrofit almost all thermostatic steam traps made in this century and are by far the best way to repair and upgrade existing traps for years of trouble free service.
Tunstall Thermostatic Radiator Traps - A complete line of thermostatic radiator steam traps with ratings from 25 to 125 psi. All units are "normally open" to expel air and water and will "close" at saturated steam temperature thereby preventing steam from entering into condensate return lines.
Tunstall Thermal-Disc Steam Capsules - Tunstall Associates, Inc. produces a full line of Thermal-Disc™ Steam Traps. Available in 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" NPT connections, all the internal parts are stainless steel for long service life.

Tunstall F&T Steam Traps - A full line of F&T Steam Traps containing a float valve mechanism which modulates to discharge condensate continuously, while non-condensable gases are released by a separate internal balanced pressure thermostatic air vent.
Tunstall F&T Repair Kit - Tunstall F&T Repair kits can be used on many of the major brands of F&T Traps.
Tunstall Inverted Bucket Traps - A full line of Inverted Bucket Steam Traps containing a stainless steel bucket and valve mechanism which are either in a full closed position, or a full open position to discharge condensate.